Helias show choir looks for victory in Nevada      by Jack Treu

The competition season for the Helias Catholic Show Choir just began and is about to finish, and with that comes competitions against choirs from around the state. The Helias Catholic Show Choir will travel to Nevada, Mo, to compete at the Nevada Show Choir competition. This will be the choir’s second and final competition of the year, and for most of the members this will be their second competition ever. Most of the members are new to the sport, the majority being freshman. Therefore, most have very little show choir experience. Though the team is young, many have studied dance in other capacities.

“I’m most exited for all the first years,” said Leah Stieferman, president of show choir. “I hope they enjoy the competition and have loads of fun.”

People who have never been on a show choir team, may never get the opportunity to understand how a show choir competition works, with its multitude of choir teams and the complexities of their dance routines.

Although for many, the competition is a time to let loose and have fun performing and watching the creativity of other choirs’ performances, it’s not all fun and games once the first set of performances is over and a team makes it to the finals. To get to the finals, each team must perform a show, typically consisting of three to five songs accompanied by choreography. If the team makes it to the finals, they must perform their show again where they are judged more strictly and compete against fewer but more talented teams.

Helias show choir has placed in the top five in the last two years. Last year, the choir won People’s Choice award, however Helias has only finished third in the last few years. This year’s choir is optimistic though. With the addition of a new choreographer and an enhanced overall sound, this year’s choir is showing promise according to the veterans of Helias show choir, Nick Gladbach and Leah Stieferman.

“I think we will all perform our personal best,” said Stieferman.

“I think Helias is doing better than ever,” said Gladbach. “I think we have a real chance of making finals by the end of the year.”

Each year, the Helias Show Choir improves and understands judges’ ever-changing expectations to make it to the finals round. Each year, Helias Show Choir looks to improve upon their performances. With improvement, they also hope to add more hardware to their victory shelves.

Helias show choir is still young in terms of a program, having only been in existence for ten years. The choir only meets once a week on Wednesday nights at 5 p.m. Most choirs they compete against meet every day as a regular class during their school hours, which may give them an edge over those who cannot work that commitment into their schedules.

Helias Show Choir has an edge when it comes to singing, having many experienced singers from Helias Choir, who perform at a high-caliber. Many teams only have dancers with few quality singers. Additionally, Helias has a highly-regarded and veteran director, Jana Fox, who is known as being a top director.

Helias will be shooting for the stars in their second and final performance Saturday at Nevada. This is the last opportunity for Helias’ team to make it to the finals and place in the top three.


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