Helias approaches the finish of the new Helias chapel By Evan McCorkle

Many at Helias are looking forward to the opening of the new chapel in the new building of the school. Also, many are looking forward to the capacity being larger in the new chapel. The capacity of the old chapel was 120 max. The capacity of the new chapel will be 220 max. The students currently attend mass in the old teacher’s lounge which is acting as the temporary chapel. The old chapel has been turned into a new teachers’ lounge and was finished at the beginning of the school year.


Fr. Viviano is looking forward to the new chaptel too, “I look forward to having a Chapel that was specifically designed ‘to be a Catholic Chapel’ versus converting a space to become the Chapel. I look forward to seeing the ideas and plans which Fr. Jones and I have been working on, come to fruition. Our goal and hope has been that the Chapel would be the ‘core – the heart beat’ of Helias Catholic; that this Sacred Space will be conducive in drawing all who enter closer to God. I am excited for the Helias community, both present and alumni. Our hope is that the community will be well pleased and very proud of the new Chapel, which we will all have, to celebrate Mass.”


Some new items will come with the new chapel.

“We will have a new ‘back altar’ which the Tabernacle will set on,” said Fr Viviano. “We will have new and taller candles and brass candle holders for the back altar. We will also have a new main crucifix – which will actually be a picture of Christ crucified.  This picture, which is seven feet tall, is currently in the area of the counseling offices. We will have new chairs which will be stained oak. We also plan to have votive candle stands for students and staff to light for prayer intentions. We hope to have some new framed picture paintings as well.”

The chapel will receive a blessing from the bishop during its first mass.

“The bishop will bless the chapel at the first Mass which is offered in the new Chapel – this blessing by the bishop will ‘officially consecrate’ the Chapel for Catholic worship,” said Fr. Viviano. “The projected opening date would be sometime after Christmas break.”

Along with the new chapel will be more opportunities for Eucharist.

“I would like all of the students to be able to visit the Chapel at any time outside of their school obligations,” Fr. Viviano said. “We hope to be offering more opportunity for Eucharistic Adoration—for classes and/or individual students and staff on certain days to visit and pray.”



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