Helias introduces Court Warming By Riley Bond

In the beginning of the school year when students got their planners, many students began to wonder what Court Warming was. Court Warming is a new dance that Helias is offering during winter sports season. Since the dance is new this year, some students are wondering if they should be getting dates or if they should be buying dresses or getting formal wear together. Helias scheduled the dance for Saturday, December 17, 2016, but rescheduled it for Friday, December 16, 2016.

Court Warming costs two dollars with a student ID, or five dollars without. It starts at 8 p.m. and ends at 11 p.m. The dance is for Helias students only and is held at Helias.

As December grew closer, students began to wonder what to wear. Student Council has came up with the theme of ugly Christmas sweaters and casual pants.

“I don’t really want to wear a sweater to a dance,” said Maddie Scott, senior at Helias. “When we go to Homecoming or Prom in formal dances, it’s already really hot in our dresses but just imagine a sweater. I like the theme since its Christmas related but I don’t think I will be participating.”

Other students have different opinions about the theme and will be participating.

“I love the theme of ugly Christmas sweaters,” said Grace Yarnell, senior at Helias. “I think it will be funny to see everybody in an ugly sweater, getting his or her groove on. I will also enjoy trying to find the ugliest one.”

Also on December 16 is a basketball game. Students are invited to come out and watch the boys and girls basketball team. The school wants students to attend the game and cheer with Rackers’ Rowdies, and after, students can join together to get their groove on. Basketball players are worried they won’t make the dance after their game.

“I don’t really like how the dance is after the games,” said Drew Boessen, a senior at Helias. “I don’t think I will have enough time to shower and get dressed up for the dance. A lot of the other players are thinking the same thing.”

Many students have different opinions on the new dance. Others had no clue what the new dance was. Some had no clue Helias was introducing a new dance.  Some girls thought it would be a dance where you would dress up in a simple dress with a date.

“I thought the dance was going to be like J.C.’s Winter Sports,” said Malorie Crocker, senior at Helias. “ I wanted to get a cute simple dress and dress up with my friends. I also didn’t think it would be after a basketball game but that is a good way to get more students to join the fun!”

Helias students are debating whether they will make it or not. Some students say it is a good way to bring the school together after a sporting event and maybe even celebrate some wins.

Students do not have to come in an ugly sweater, they can wear whatever he or she wants as long as it is school appropriate.  Teachers got emails on Monday with rules for the dance and requests for them to chaperone.

Helias has not yet announced whether students have to be at the dance at a certain time or if they can leave at a certain time. Students are encouraged to come out and enjoy dancing and let loose before the kickoff to finals week.


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