Rackers’ Rowdies Seek Another Outstanding Year of AttendanceBy Joe Randazzo

Helias boys basketball will have its home opener tonight at 7:30 P.M. against St Dominic in the Rackers Fieldhouse. A Rackers’ Rowdies t-shirt was made specifically for tonight’s game, featuring Landon Harrison, Dalton Weaver, Nathan Bax, and Drew Boessen’s faces on Mount Rushmore, with the theme for tonight’s game. This is the first matchup with St. Dominic in a multi-sport series coming in the upcoming years. Helias captains, juniors Landon Harrison and Nathan Bax, and seniors Drew Boessen and Dalton Weaver, look to take over the leading roles from the seven graduated seniors from last year, with the support of the Rackers Rowdies cheering them on.

“We want to get everybody that we can to come out and support us at the games this year!” said junior guard Landon Harrison, the highest scorer returning from last years’ final four squad. “The more people we have the better the atmosphere and the more fun we have playing the game. That’s what it’s all about. I want to say thank you to all who come out and support us every game.”

​The Helias student section has its own rivals plus the rivals of the basketball team’s.

​“In the past, the Rolla game has always been a very fun game to be part of,” said senior Dalton Weaver, speaking about a rival. “The Rowdies are going crazy and always into the game. Playing at home in front of our fans is a big advantage. I also think J.C. has a pretty good student section when we play them. It’s always a good time seeing the two chant back and forth during timeouts.”

​The Rackers’ Rowdies not only bring chaotic cheering that competes with other schools’ student sections, they also cheer relentlessly for the Crusader basketball team.

​“I also think Rolla’s and J.C.’s student sections are good,” said Harrison. “It’s always more exciting playing in a game when the fans are into the game. Even though you try to block that out, it’s still fun when you’re on the better end and your team is benefiting from the energy of the crowd. I loved our fans…in the district championship…”

Several seniors of the Rackers’ Rowdies met with administration earlier this week to set down guidelines and expectations for this year’s cheering. This year MSHAA is emphasizing protecting officials (and also maybe their ears) from hazing, booing, (mooing), and the over-the-top objections of officials’ calls in the games. If a student cannot behave with class, they will be asked to leave.

Today during advisory after seventh hour there will be a “dress rehearsal” of sorts held in the Rackers’ Fieldhouse to review chants and other expectations. Students will be released to go down by their advisory teachers.


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