Career Day opens Helias students’ eyes about careers By Malorie Crocker

Local professionals came to Helias Catholic High School on Tuesday, November 29, to instruct the junior and senior class on what it takes to be a professional in their field of work.

Career day was created 15 years ago at Helias. Mr. Dan Mathes and Mrs. Mary Flowers, the school’s counselors, created this opportunity for the senior and junior classes of Helias, so they could gain more insight on careers in the United States.

“It was a great opportunity for kids to learn about careers they didn’t realize were out there,” said Dan Mathes, adding, “and what all it takes for them to be in that specific career.”

In preparation for this day, Dan Mathes and Mary Flowers gather their resources together to make this day possible. They reach out to the community and the current students’ parents for volunteers to come and speak to the kids about their career. The two usually get around 30 to 36 parents, community members, and/or former alumni, offer to give up their time and share their career background with the students. Each adult professional that volunteers to speak has a different career from the others. The careers range from a police officer to an IT Tech.

A week before the date set for Career Day, Mr. Mathes passes out a paper to the junior and senior class. On that sheet of paper, there are six different categories listed. The students are asked to circle two that they are most interested in learning more about. After he receives the sheet of paper back, he then starts to split the students into groups so they can here the volunteer speakers speak about that career field.

Once Career Day is over, students go about their day. Some students begin to study for tests or take notes in their class. Throughout the hours left in the school day, some students in the junior and senior class converse about what career they may want to go into, or speak about what their opinion on Career Day was.

“Overall Career Day was helpful,” said James Wieberg. “But I listened to same speakers I heard last year. It’d be nice to hear from new speakers about careers.”


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