Saders decorate Helias for the holiday season By Bekah Knoll

For students and staff at Helias Catholic High School, the Christmas spirit has arrived. As of Monday, Nov. 21, preparations began for the decorating of the school. Decorations and Christmas symbols, such as Christmas wreaths, Advent candles, and thanksgiving chains were made or pulled out of storage and hung up on Helias’s walls. Teachers are beginning to get out their own lights and decorations to adorn the school with Christmas cheer.

Decorating the front windows of the school are three large green wreaths. These wreaths are covered in lights, gold ornaments and gold ribbons. Thanks to two gentlemen who volunteer on Monday mornings, Pete Hartman and Francis Hake, the three Christmas wreaths were hung on Monday, Nov. 28. The three wreaths will remain there until after students return from Christmas break.


The four Advent candles sit in the center of a green wreath, on a white table, to the left of the staircase at the entrance to the school. Third hour hall runners Bekah Knoll and Rachel Stewart spent multiple days over the course of the past two weeks doing their part to decorate the school. They put together the thanksgiving chain and hung it in the foyer of the school. They also tied purple and pink ribbons around the Advent candles and set them up for Mrs. Quinn who oversaw that decoration.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity that I was presented with,” said Rachel Stewart. “When I was able to decorate the candles and I’ll be helping with decorations for the library at 5:30 this coming Friday.”

Both the library and the music room will be decorated in the next few weeks. The library will have a book tree which will be covered in candy canes. There will also be lights and garland decorating the library. The music room should have a Christmas tree, lights, stockings, and of course, some Christmas music to bring about Holiday cheer.

“In the music room, we have traditionally hung a stocking for each student and we draw Secret Santas and put a small, very small, gift in each; in their Secret Santa’s persons stocking for one week before we reveal,” said Mrs. Fox, the choir director. “So, we normally have a lot of stockings hung up. We put up a big Christmas tree and some lights and we will see how it goes this year.”

To get students into the Christmas spirit, Helias Stuco even held a Christmas movie night. The movie night was held at Helias on Nov. 28 at 6:30 p.m. in the commons. The movie that was played was “Elf,” a Christmas classic. Students were told to bring their own snacks and that hot coco would be provided.

Some students and staff at Helias Catholic High School are getting into the Christmas spirit. Through movies, the choir’s songs, and the smiles around school, Christmas is in the air. At Helias, the one thing which is hard to miss, is the Holiday cheer, brought on by all the many decorations.


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