Helias’s band expands winter activities as they grow stronger as a community By Joey Wagner

Over the last couple years, Helias’s band has grown in size and in experience. Now having up to 52 members, the band is larger than it has been in years. Even with it’s current size, the band has been aiming to expand even further, promoting the activity by visiting different middle schools and holding small fundraising events. As the football season has ended, the season for the marching band’s show has also come to close, but instead of the members going on a hiatus, they are taking their musical talents to marching in parades and concert season.

Recently, the band just played for Veterans Day, playing songs to honor those who have fought for our country, down at Freedom Corner in Jefferson City. Also, the band has been making preparations for a Christmas concert in December. From March 31-April 2, the band, along with the show choir, have planned a trip to Northwest College in Chicago to perform at a music clinic.


Despite the band being smaller than most high schools, the group embraces the challenges that come forth, taking on more complicated music and more daring activities. The band is a close-knit community, that cannot function without one another. The members of the band often consider each other as a second family, and find their passions in the music and instruments that they play.

“When you’re in band you know you have 51 friends to rely on,” said Nick Gladbach, trombonist.

To people who aren’t in band, it could seem more like a class or an extracurricular activity, but to the students who participate in band, it is a lifestyle.

“Band is more of a hobby than a class, it’s something I can be passionate about more than anything else,” said Evan Jenkins, trumpeter and pianist. “You learn important skills, get to go places and meet people. You make many valuable friendships.”

The band has concerts, clinics, fundraisers, shows, and other activities this winter. To keep the band strong, they remember their motto: good luck, and play band. But if the motto isn’t enough the band community can rely on their fellow band members.

“Band isn’t only a place where you learn an instrument, but it helps you with other life skills and it brings you into a community of friends that you wouldn’t meet otherwise,” said Maura Shimmens, drum major and clarinetist.


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