Four seniors to graduate a semester early    By Riley Bond

When a high school student thinks about high school, they may think that four years later will equal graduation. But sometimes that doesn’t always work, or it happens faster. In this instance, four girls want to get out faster. Senioritis is a condition that many seniors are plagued with, but for these girls it’s a more intense case. For these girls, high school is a mess actually. High school is a different experience for every single student. These female students have different views and thoughts about how they feel when someone asks them, 

“How is high school treating you?” The answer changes throughout the years and at Helias, these four girls have different answers.

“I’m ready to get out of high school,” said Haley Goldman. “It’s a roller coaster of emotions.”

These four girls are preparing to graduate Helias at the end of December 2016. The girls are Haley Goldman, Malorie Crocker, Ella Ward, and myself, Riley Bond. All four ladies prepared for this starting at the end of their junior year. Three of them had to take online classes because they took study halls and one got her classes finished. They all have different reasons for leaving early and different plans after high school to help them start their journey in life.

“I am moving to Florida hopefully to start my cosmetology career,” said Ward.

After high school, seniors prepare to go to college by getting stuff ready to live at college. But the four girls are preparing to work full-time to help pay for college and then start college in August 2017.

At Helias, if one wants to graduate early, he/she must either have to be working full-time or going to college at the end of the semester in December. If graduating early isn’t on a student’s list because he or she wants to participate in prom or walking for graduation, don’t worry, Helias offers the opportunity as long as no trouble happens between January and May.

“I am walking for graduation because my mom really wants me to,” said Bond. “It’s an experience I will never forget to actually graduate with my class.”

​Graduating early isn’t an easy choice if one took study halls earlier in high school. Ella, Malorie, and Bond had to take online classes to make up for the classes they missed. Each online class consists of nine chapters before having to take a midterm exam, and then ten more chapters before taking the final exam. The mid exam counts as ½ a credit and the final exam consists of 1 full credit. One may choose to take a full class or two half’s of two different classes, depending on how many credits one needs.

​“I only had to take one half class of Career Explorations,” said Crocker. “I didn’t enjoy the class but I will enjoy graduating early.”

To take online classes, contact the counselors in the office for help.

​To these girls, high school was supposed to be the best four years of their life, but it was filled with a lot of drama and cliques. Any Helias student cannot graduate early just because high school is not enjoyable, he/she must work hard, get their credits, and work till college. High school had its good times and the four girls enjoyed them, but they are ready to be out of Helias and start the journey towards college. Some may say it’s rushing life, but the four girls disagree and say it’s a new beginning with new friends.



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