Helias Catholic Shotgun Team ends first season  By Evan McCorkle

Helias Catholic High School’s Shotgun Team is bringing its season to a close. On Saturday, Nov. 5, the team hosted their first-ever invitational only tournament. The team’s coach Ed Twehous thought the tournament was, “a big success.” The team had their last practice for the season on Thursday, Nov. 10, at the United Sportsman’s Club, where the team had a laidback practice and a few friendly competitions between team members, parents, and Helias faculty.

The team had 3 trophy winning members at their tournament Saturday. Gabbi Dupris received top overall score in the women’s category, Evan McCorkle took first place and Lane Plunkett took second place in the Championship flight. All team members competed in 3 shotgun sports. The first was Trap a game most shooters were familiar with and knew how to play. The second was five-stand, where there were nine clay pigeon throwers all in different locations and 5 stands where the shooters shot from. At each stand shooters were given a menu of what throws they would be given. The last shotgun game shooters participated in was called Sporting Clays. In Sporting Clays, shooters walked through the woods to different locations where they shot clay pigeons that came from many different angles and different heights.

“Sporting clays felt like it was meant to mimic hunting,” said Lane Plunkett. 

As the team wrapped up its season, they had their last practice on Thursday. At the practice, parents and faculty of Helias were invited to participate in the shooting activities. Activities Director Brad Dempsey along with Dan Mathes shot with members of the team. Lane Plunket scored his first career 25. Kail Walther shot his first 25 as a member of Helias’ team.

“I can’t wait until we start shooting again,” said Cole Bruemmer. “I love how we are all like family out here and all have fun no matter what.”

The team is currently having to pay for their own ammunition to shoot and has a sponsor that is paying for them to shoot clay pigeons. The team is working to raise and secure their own funds to pay for clay pigeons and hopefully in the future pay for ammunition for anyone that wants to be a part of the team. The Shotgun Team is currently selling raffle tickets for a gun to raise money. Anyone interested in purchasing raffle tickets should see a team member.

The team will be having an informational meeting after the start of the second semester for anyone wishing to be involved in the team’s activities.



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