The Helias Wrestling Team starts season with new senior leadership By Drake Winder

Wrestling season started Nov. 1, and with a new season comes new team captions. The Helias Wrestlers can seek mentorship from Nick Gaines and Will farmer. This season both will need to lead the wrestling team through everyday practice. They are needed to be role models for the incoming freshmen and for the other wrestlers. Both Nick and Will have many years of experience. Their job this season as captions will be leading their wrestles in the right path to achieve victory. The wrestling team has been practicing every weekday from three to six. The wrestling team has their first dual meet Dec. 1.

Every team normally has a leader to lead them besides a coach, someone the other athletes can look up to and motivate them. A fellow peer to look to when you need help. Nick Gaines and Will farmer are the two seniors with the most experience. Therefore both of them have stepped up to be co-captains for Helias Wrestling. Nick Gaines has been wrestling for ten years starting when he was seven. Will Farmer started when he was a freshmen. Both have since then feel in love with the sport.

“Every practice I feel like I get better as well as my team” said Will Farmer. “The heat gets to you but I just work through it.”

Each practice is about three hours long. The room temperature stays at 89 degrees. It can get so hot that the wall builds up condensation and sweats. You can see the steam radiating off the heads of the sweaty wrestlers.

“I try to get everyone going by letting them see me work hard” said Nick Gaines. “I become a model for them to look to too work hard.”

At the end of every practice the wrestlers do grass drills for ten minutes. The mat gets so sweaty some of the wrestlers slip and fall.

“Both of them push each other and their team” said Coach Logan Shea. “When you get two people pushing each other to do more, they both get better.”


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