Lady Crusader Basketball shoots for a good season by preparing in challenging practices By Bryce Backes

The Helias Lady Crusader Basketball team has been practicing since October 31.  The Lady Crusaders have been practicing intensely for the upcoming season, with practices lasting two and half hours and full court plays and drills.  They have also been running drills according to certain plays from opposing teams they faced last season.  Along with the changes to the girls basketball team, there is a new head coach Alan Lepper, new assistant coach Victor Bell, and two returning coaches Chris Wyrick and Mark Ordway.

“The Lady Crusader Basketball players are doing good so far,” said Alan Lepper. “This year though, with how many girls trying out, we will have a cut this year.”

The cut is going to happen sometime early next week.

“I am a little concerned about the cut,” said Madison Evers.  “Hopefully I do make the team, but if I don’t, I will have to try again next year.”

Tonight the Lady Crusaders will pick the captain for the season from their votes the other night.  The four seniors that could be captain are Ashley Rehagen, Claire Ludwig, Morgan Wieberg, and Kelsey Schenewerk.

“The person I would want to be captain is Ashley,” said Lauren Alexander.  “Hopefully that is who becomes our captain for this year.”

“I would like to have Claire as our captain,” said Rylee Andrews.  “I think that she would be a good captain for this year.”

There are injuries for this year though.

“The only one injured right now is Ashley Rehagen,” said Lepper. “She will hopefully return Monday and start practicing.”  Ashley has an injured foot.

Practices have not been slowing down with the injuries.

“The practices have been fairly intense so far,” said Ellie Rockers.  “The practices have mainly been drills for how our opponents will play against us.”  “The practices have been pretty intense so far,” said Evers.  “The practices have had a major amount of running in it and a little conditioning.”

The practices will hopefully pay off on November 22, which is the varsity tip off game against Blair Oaks.

“I feel pretty confident about the upcoming season,” said Alexander.  “There will come tough teams and we will win.”  “The girls have been practicing really hard since we started practicing,” said Lepper.  “This season we aim to do better than our last few seasons and hopefully bring home the state title.”


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