Helias Wrestling managers prepare for the upcoming season By Riley Bond

The 2016-2017 wrestling managers are preparing the boys for the upcoming season this week. The girls have to race down to the wrestling rooms after school and disinfect the mats before the boys can practice. The chemical in the cleaning spray knocks out any skin diseases or infections the boys could capture in practice. After the girls are done disinfecting the mats, the boys can continue on with their practice without worrying about getting sick.

“I appreciate the managers because they really help the team and coaches out a lot,” said Drake Winder, Helias wrestler. “They help the team and coaches worry less about having to get the scoring and cleaning done.”

Before the wrestling matches actually start up, the girls will sit in the practice reviewing the wrestling score rules. The coaches will let the girls know when they will have a “wrestle off” to see which boys will wrestle varsity, so the girls can keep score. Coaches will have a “wrestle off” about twice before the matches start up. The managers have to learn a few terms such as: T2(take down, 2 points), R2(reversal, 2 points) E1(escape, 1 point), and PIN(6 points).

“Reviewing the wrestling scores is never difficult,” said Grace Yarnell, a wrestling manager. “The only hard part is teaching the new managers how to keep score and control the wrestling book. After you learn, you remember it like your favorite song.”

The terms all have a different meaning in wrestling. T2 is when one of the wrestlers “takes down” his opponent. R2 is a reversal, meaning if the wrestler is on the ground getting beat, he or she will “reverse” his or her opponent and start winning. E1 is the easiest term of all; it is when the wrestler escapes for a T2 or R2. Last but not least, the PIN is every wrestlers favorite word. PIN is when the wrestler beats his or her opponent but taking him to the ground and holding him down for 3 seconds.  After the wrestling match is completely over, the managers have to count up the individual matches for the team score, whichever team has the highest team score wins the match altogether.

“My favorite part about wrestling is getting to do something different and travel Missouri,” said Brooke Schrimpf, a wrestling manager. “During the season you get really close with the team and the other managers. It’s really nice getting to meet new people also.”

The wrestling managers don’t only keep score in the book on one individual wrestler. They also have to keep score of the other team’s wrestler and the other team’s score. Wrestling duels can last anywhere from 2 to 5 hours. During this time, the girls are continuously keeping score of the matches. In wrestling tournaments, the girls will run around keeping score of the whole team, most of the time having to keep track of two to three wrestlers at once.

“My favorite part is the tournaments,” said Yarnell. “The weekends are filled with so many wrestling matches and fun memories with the team. The boys are always appreciative of us girls and it makes our jobs a little easier.”

On top of scoring both teams and cleaning mats, the girls have to clean up messes, and by messes, managers mean blood. Blood is a safety hazard in wrestling just like other sports. Blood cannot be on the mat or on any part of the wrestler’s body. Managers will rush to get a chemical spray and paper towels to clean the mess up. Wrestlers are known for nose bleeds, so this happens quite often.

“Managers always help the sport trainer with cleaning up blood,” said Winder. “The girls clean the blood up while the trainers can check on us and make sure we can continue the match. It’s always helpful and makes our injury timeless.”

The girls will not finish the season until state. If one of Helias wrestlers makes it to state, usually the upperclassman managers will get to experience the scoring at state. State wrestling is a goal for many wrestlers but only select few make it. Wrestling is more than just getting to take down his or her opponents, it’s also about making friends and family. It’s a passion for all wrestlers to succeed. Managers are part of the family too, and they are appreciated in the Helias wrestling program.


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