Helias Show Choir reaches its ninth annual fundraiser “Just Desserts” by Jack Treu

Every year during late November, the Helias Catholic Show Choir has their annual fundraiser “Just Desserts.” This year’s “Just Desserts” falls on November 22, and will begin at 6 p.m. The night of “Just Desserts” consists of performances by the show choir and concert choir, as well as solo and ensemble performances from students from Helias. The name comes from the other aspects of the night, which is the auctioning off of homemade desserts and pastries that are used to raise money for the choir. The desserts are made by the parents of the choir members, as well as businesses from around the community. This year will be the ninth year “Just Desserts” has been put on.

An important part of “Just Desserts” is the performances by those Helias students that auditioned and were selected to represent Helias to everyone in attendance. One such group of students is a duo who has been performing together for many years, the president of show choir Leah Stiefermann and the All-District Soprano Mikayla Pitera. The two are planning to sing a duet at “Just Desserts.” This is Leah’s fourth year in show choir, and this year she was elected as President of Show Choir. Stiefermann is also an Alto in the Helias Concert Choir, as well as a member of the All-District concert choir.

“This year’s show choir is more prepared than previous years,” said Stieferman. “I’m looking forward to people coming and seeing us.”

“Just Desserts” has been orchestrated by director Jana Fox, who is also the director of the concert choir and chorus. Mrs. Fox has been working tirelessly ever since the end of summer to motivate and prepare the choir for its first performance as well as its competition season in the spring.

“The choir this year has a lot of power behind their sound, which is a good thing to have this early,” Mrs. Fox said. “This year’s sound is different from other years and I’m curious how it’s going to turn out.”

Another part of “Just Desserts” is of course the desserts. Throughout the night between performances, desserts can be auctioned off and bought for immediate consumption or can be ordered for Thanksgiving or Christmas. There are a wide variety of desserts one can buy. From chocolate cakes and other traditional items to less popular dessert options like Ooie Gooie butter cakes and apple cider logs, are some examples from previous years. Local businesses can also auction off special items like coupons or packages at the silent auction, which will be going on the whole night. Any parents or students can choose to auction off any items they’ve made.

The Show Choir’s theme this year is space, and although the costumes have not yet been chosen, the theme has led to a different style of song and dance than previous years. Some of the soloists featured in the show will include Nick Gladbach, Jack Treu, and Madelyn Beach. Some of the songs in the set this year are lesser known ones like “Space Cowboy” and “No Boundaries,” however there are some songs that are more well know such as “Elevate” and “Starships.”

This year’s show choir isn’t far enough along to know how they will do in competition, and only time will tell what this year’s choir will become, but the majority of students asked seemed positive as well as Mrs. Fox, The choir this year has taken on a harder set of dance moves, and with the new choreographer the choir has really become its own.”


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