Helias’s digital design classes provide skills students can use in the career world By Rylee Lorts

Helias Catholic High School’s digital design program started in the school year of 2014-2015. Since then, the program has spread to offering two classes instead of one: Digital Design I and Digital Design II. Each class is taught by Miss Laura Haslag, who describes it as a class to learn how to use current software that delivers students the skills that they could possibly use to get a job in the future.

“It shows the kids how to use current software, so hopefully they can use those skills to maybe get a full time job or part-time job,” said Miss Haslag. “We learn Adobe products, Page Maker, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, which help edit video, After Effects and Muse.”

Both the Digital Design classes teach the students many skills. Most of these skills include how to use Adobe software. The Digital Design I class mostly focuses on Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator, whereas Digital Design II deals with more animation, while still using Photoshop and Premiere Pro, which is a movie-editing software by Adobe.

“Digital Design I uses Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign,” said Audrey Stokes, Digital Design student. “Digital Design II is using Premiere Pro and Photoshop.”

Within using the Adobe products, the students in both the Digital Design I and II classes have many projects they have to complete as a review on what they have learned. Right now, the Digital Design I class is working on a flyer for a fictional café or restaurant. As for Digital Design II, they are currently working on a video project, promoting respect for America’s heritage. They have also completed other projects throughout the first quarter, including a project where they took a normal picture and recreated it to look like it was made out of triangles, they made animated GIFs in Photoshop, created a poster for the girl’s golf team, made informational posters for homecoming, and a short film involving the students playing basketball.

“My favorite project was probably the low poly”, says Stokes. “Just because I’ve seen the pictures around before and always wanted to know how to do that, and now I know.”

The digital design classes do not just teach students how to use Adobe software, but they also teach Helias students creativity, organization, meeting deadlines. They also teach students the importance of paying attention to detail, and the importance of students finding their artistic voice. And finally the classes teach students how to promote themselves in a positive light.

Many of the students in the digital design classes would recommend other students enroll in the classes in the future.

“Right now, everyone is stressed with all the AP classes they are taking, but this class is kind of like low stress,” said Stokes. “But it is also really fun because you get to learn how to use all the stuff on your computer like Photoshop and edit photos that you want to. The people and teacher and students in it, are really cool and it just makes the experience that much better.”


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