Seniorits rapidly spreading across entire Senior Class of 2017 By Malorie Crocker

The scene for many seniors goes like this. First day of high school comes around and one can’t wait to be in the doors of the school just to see everyone. Nerves spread throughout the body, making one nervous for every single minute that is going to pass by, hoping nothing embarrassing happens, especially in front of their own senior class. The girls’ hair and makeup is done to perfection and the guys dress up and put on their good smelling cologne hoping to impress their crush.

Growing up, these seniors might have heard of the term senioritis. It might have not made any sense to them until this year, their senior year of high school, came around. Urban dictionary describes senioritis as a “crippling disease that hits high school seniors.” It’s typically known to hit after Christmas break and last till the middle of May.  Some of the disease’s symptoms are laziness, lack of studying, repeated absences, and tardiness. The disease is well known around the world but infects students in the United States the worst.

To many, becoming a senior in high school, is an exciting time in one’s life. College letters start coming through the mail, scholarships are waiting for one to fill out, and a senior’s last days of high school are coming to an end.

Being a senior marks a point in one’s life where they transition from a child to an adult. Within the next year, some will be away at college or others may be starting their career. Their parents will no longer have a say in their everyday life. They won’t have someone making sure their homework is completed or making sure they are getting out bed in time for school.

At Helias, this year, seniors are skipping school, falling asleep in class, not completing homework, and coming to class late. Senioritis is sweeping across the senior class here at Helias already, and November just started.

“It has made me want to skip school every day or have my mom call me out early during the week,” said Tayler Mathes. “Each week, it is getting harder and harder to make it through a full week of school.”

To many seniors here are some struggles they go through. Many people ask the same two questions to seniors until graduation. They ask, what do you want to be, or where are you going to college. Those two questions become a nuisance for seniors quickly. The seniors that have no clue what they want to do with their life, may start to break under pressure of those questions and usually pick a career they aren’t that interested in, so people will leave them alone. As senior year progresses, test and quizzes seem to be the least of their worries, and waking up on time isn’t a priority anymore. They may remember freshmen year when everyone in their graduating class always looked good with their makeup and hair fixed just right. Now in their senior year, those appearances have vanished. Just getting to school on time is hard enough to accomplish for these seniors.

The Huffington Post stated, “The way to beat senioritis is to keep one’s mind focused.” A senior may think that just because they got accepted into their college of choice, that it is the time to check out, but they forget that if their grades drop, their college might drop them. Even if a senior does have a 4.0, they need to stay alert on their grades, just in case senioritis hits hard one week or if their college is watching their grades, and might drop the senior if their grades move lower.


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