The Clown Movement hits Midwest By Drake Winder

On Wed. Sept. 21, the clown movement that had been spreading across the northern and southern portion of the United States had finally hit the Midwest. The clown movement that has been a running prank, has creeped many people out and has made its way to Missouri. The topic has gained the attention of many media sources. On multiple social media feeds threats of creepy clowns, warn of a nationwide clown movement that has influenced many states already. On these social media video posts, people have taken videos of these clowns scaring and chasing public bystanders. On other videos, the clowns who aren’t hurting anyone, are the ones who suffer from beatings from scared civilians. Though taken to be serious threats, only one clown has attacked someone in this nation. Many clowns have been just randomly clowning around major cities, scaring people. However, some bystanders are tired of the clowns and ready to take action. Today, Halloween, people have threatened the clowns via social media, that if the clowns are out, they will be purged. There are even supposed purge locations. Hashtags have formed from the clown movement, such as #Clownpurge, #clownhunt, #killerclowns. There were even clown handles on Twitter and Instagram profiles of clowns. Some of the social media accounts are simply scary and taken as a joke, others are a little more explicit and profane.

The clown movement started out in Minnesota as a Facebook scare or prank, but since then it has spread rapidly. There have been sighting of clowns in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and South Carolina. The only reports of clowns doing anything creepy besides standing around, is in South Carolina. A woman was followed by a black car full of clowns. Another report was about a clown trying to get kids to follow the clown into the woods. The only crime committed was in Pennsylvania, where a 16 year-old was stabbed to death by a man in a clown mask. This man in the clown mask may or may not have been inspired by this movement. By law, people are allowed to dress as creepy as they want in America.

Through these clowns in the clown movement, have committed no crimes, the rumors flying around about a young five year old being killed in Missouri were false. There have been multiple sightings of the clowns and police have been called in multiple states. No arrests have been made in Missouri.

In Boone County, there were sightings of clowns. The most sightings were in Moberly. On Facebook, the clown sightings blew up and people had reportedly been seeing clowns, everywhere even in Jefferson City. When the Crusader Raid News Team contacted the Jefferson City Police Department (JCPD) about the clown sightings they told Crusader Raid New Team, “We have not been called about any clowns in this area yet.” This doesn’t necessarily mean the sightings were fake, it just meant the Jefferson City Police Department hadn’t had any calls or sightings yet.

After the call, the JCPD put out a Twitter and Facebook post statement that said, “Our Department has received a few calls about possible ‘clown’ sightings, specifically whether or not we’ve had any. We assume these callers are referring to local and national media stories regarding clowns that may appear to be frightening, or have some ill-intent. The short answer is that our agency has not, to this point, had any calls reporting persons dressed as clowns acting in a manner in which could be considered threatening. With the Halloween holiday just a month away, we anticipate an increase, as we have each year, with persons wearing masks and/or costumes, etc., and would encourage citizens to contact us with concerns on activity which could be considered legitimately suspicious or potentially threatening in nature. Thank you.”

Later the JCPD put out another social media post that said, “Despite inquiries, we still haven’t received any calls about clowns threatening anyone in #jcmo. Be very cautious w/ social media stories!”

For Helias students this Halloween and Halloween season, this JCPD statements suggest to be watchful at all times. Whether these clowns are just trying to scare or to be creepy, from the data supporting criminal and non-criminal clowns, it may be safe to say they are simply clowning around, but still be careful.


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