Food drive engages Helias students in competition By Bryce Backes

The students of Helias Catholic this week are engaging in a canned food drive. There are three canned-food competitions going on at the same time. One is the advisory class that has the most cans.  Second is the advisory class with the best sculpture which they will make out of the cans.  Third, the student body class with the most cans.

Last year, the current Sophomores took first place.

“I feel confident that we will win again this year,” Madison Evers said. “I think the winning margin will be really close though.”

Most Sophomores are wanting to win this year and are going to try to win all four years of their high school careers. The Seniors have similar plans though.

“The seniors are going to try to blow it out this year,” Caleb Grimm said.  “I think everyone will be surprised to see how the seniors do this year.”

The Freshmen want to start a canned food drive tradition.

“We are going to try to make this a tradition thing,” Tevin Groose said.  “Freshmen winning the can food drive if it becomes a yearly thing, the Freshmen are going to win it every year.”

Though the Freshmen want to start a tradition, the Juniors are confident in their abilities.

“The Juniors are going to bring home the first major victory,” Blake Savage said.  “The Juniors have not won anything in class competitions, and hopefully we will get the victory.”

The classes could bring in cans until yesterday, Thursday, Oct. 27.  The classes are fighting for a pizza for lunch day on Wednesday, Nov. 2, ice cream at lunch day on Nov. 2, and a jeans and tennis shoes day on Monday, Oct. 31.  There could be a chance of a jeans and tennis shoes day for the entire school, if there is over 1000 pounds of food brought in from the entire school.  The classes will begin sculpting their sculpture out of cans when the deadline for cans to bring is finished today.  The students will take photos of their can sculptures and then post them on social media under the hashtag #trickorfeed.


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