Dead week brings winter athletes back to life By Drake Winder

As the last week of October began this week, so did the period of dead week. Starting on Monday and ending next Monday, Oct. 31, all winter sports must take a week of rest before their seasons starts on Nov. 1. The winter sports include boys basketball, girls’ basketball, and wrestling.  During this time, many of Helias winter athletes take the week to rest and bond with teammates outside of their common school sport.

All winter athletes at Helias train during the off season including in the summer. The sports go through different training cycles depending on if the sport is in its main season or not. In between each cycle is a dead week. In the summer, there are two dead weeks. One in the middle of summer usually at the start of July. The other dead week is right before fall sports begin. These dead weeks where created by the Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHAA) to allow kids to have breaks from sports to take vacations and rest. During this week, athletes are not allowed to practice with a high school coach present.

“Dead week is the week where I sit back and get ready for the upcoming season,” said wrestler Evan Winder. “I feel refreshed going into a season with a week break.”

Most of the Helias wrestlers are resting for the upcoming season, while some are doing personal training by themselves. Other teams like boys basketball will be lifting twice this week, on Tuesday and Thursday, without a coach around.

“I just go home and do homework,” said wrestler Will Farmer. “I really get caught up on my grades on dead week. The whole week just gives me more time to study.”

Many athletes like dead week just for the break. Others think it is a sacrifice to their training.

“I think after weeks of training we should just train into the normal season,” said Zack Carr. “[However] I do love the time I get to spend at home doing whatever I want [during dead week].”


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