Helias Office Ladies Peggy Rogers and Kathy Gerstner do more than answer the phones By Jenn Hassler

When many people hear the word secretary, they think of someone that just answers phones, but at Helias Catholic High School, the secretaries complete more duties than that. Peggy Rogers and Kathy Gerstner have been working at keeping the school running smoothly for many years.

Peggy Rogers has been serving Helias as a secretary for 14 years. Rogers makes and answers phone calls, makes copies, points visitors in the right direction, gives announcements, and finishes many more responsibilities around the school.

“My official job title is School Secretary, aka everybody’s mom at Helias,” said Rogers.

Her favorite part of the job is talking with the students and seeing how their day is going.

“I like to make them smile and feel at ease,” said Rogers. “A little candy now and then helps sometimes too.”

Almost every student, if not all of them, know who Peggy Rogers is and have talked to her at some point. Some students even stop by the office just to visit her when they have a spare minute.

“It’s so nice knowing there is always someone in the office that we can count on,” said student Claire Ludwig. “Peggy brightens everyone’s day and is always there to give guidance.”

A difficulty of Rogers’s job is students forgetting to bring a note from their parent for their doctor’s appointment.

“It sounds crazy but always having a note just makes life easier here and for the student too,” said Rogers.

Many people know that Rogers is a huge St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan and cheers for the St. Louis Blues as well.

Further back in the office, behind Roger’s desk, sits Administrative Assistant Kathy Gerstner who has been working at Helias for 20 years.

Many students hear Gerstner over the classroom speaker, reminding teachers to take attendance or asking teachers if a student marked as absent in SIS, has arrived yet in their classroom. Not only does she keep track of students’ appointment and dismissal notes, tardy slips, and attendance, but she also answers the phone, helps make copies, and buzzes people into the school.

Gerstner’s favorite part of her job is the constant change and the students.

“I enjoy my job because no two days are alike and I like working with the students,” said Gerstner. “Also, each school year is a fresh start as a new freshman class begins.”

Students almost always see her with a smile on her face and a willing attitude to help.

“Kathy is one of the nicest people I have ever met,” said student Hannah Mayfield. “She truly radiates happiness and kindness. Every time I see her, she has a huge smile on her face and is willing to help me with whatever I need.”

As Helias adds on, the office will be moving. Gerstner can’t wait, but is sad to be farther away.

“I am looking forward to moving to the new addition but will miss being so close to the students and hearing their chatter in the hallway,” said Gerstner.

Gerstner does have one hidden talent that not many people know about: she can sew.

“I enjoy sewing and made my own wedding dress,” said Gerstner. “I have made dresses for my daughters and granddaughters.”

Peggy Rogers and Kathy Gerstner play vital roles in running Helias. They both even share a favorite Helias tradition.

“My favorite time of the year is when the drumline and cheerleaders go through the halls and everyone follows them to the Helias Homecoming Assembly,” said Gerstner.


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