New Helias Additions, New Students, New Teacher Hannah Cavanaugh By Joey Wagner

As Helias Catholic High School began a new school year, the school welcomed new students, new buildings, new opportunities, and new teachers. One of those new faces is teacher Ms. Hannah Cavanaugh.

Cavanaugh is the new Algebra 1A and 1B teacher. Ms. Cavanaugh graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia, with a bachelors in science, specializing in middle school education, specifically math and social studies. While studying to become a full time teacher, Ms. Cavanaugh was a student teacher at St. Louis’ Truman Middle School.

When searching for a suitable place to begin her first year of teaching, Ms. Cavanaugh looked to Helias Catholic High School. She was drawn to Helias because of the school’s Catholic faculty and students, the goals Helias strives for, and the family-like atmosphere the school emanates.

Ever since she was in middle school, Ms. Cavanaugh claims to have always had the aspiration of becoming a teacher. She says she wants to become a role model for the students she instructs, so that when the day ends, they leave not only with more knowledge but also with a positive influence.

“I used to think it was just a phase that I would go through, that I would grow out of wanting to be a teacher, but it never left me,” said Ms. Cavanaugh.

Ms. Cavanaugh says she always liked the idea of influencing younger generations, saying she wants to teach them the importance of perseverance when faced with an obstacle in life and to not give up when unable to at first find a solution. She wants to not only teach math skills but also to teach life skills.  

She says her favorite part about teaching is working and interacting with young people.

“I love working with young people,” said Cavanaugh. “It keeps you young.”


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