A look beyond the appearances of the Helias 2016 Top Five By Madison Scott

The top five are already known around Helias. These ladies are active in sports, clubs, and other school social events. Many students may presume they know them…but, do they really? Here is a more in-depth look at the girls, accounting their top five experiences and their unique life experiences.

Brenna McNutt was escorted to the game by Caleb Grimm and to the dance by Jordan Cowell. She says she was shocked but honored to be a part of the top ten and top five. Her parents were just as surprised and were proud that her classmates thought so highly of her.

“I was just sitting there like, ‘What? Wrong Brenna,’” McNutt said.

When it came to Top Five appearances in the parade and assemblies, McNutt was afraid of any wardrobe malfunction, especially ripping her dress or falling. As far as other fears go, even the tiniest of spiders make her freak out. If McNutt could have the queen’s crown made out of anything, she would have it made out of M&Ms and Rice Krispies, “Because M&Ms are life, and rice crispies would hold it all together.”

McNutt has been accepted to Mizzou and plans to study nursing as an undergraduate, and then earn her graduate degree as a nurse practitioner.

According to McNutt, the shopping took forever and finding a women’s blazer is, “a horrible experience.” Among her many accomplishments, in eighth grade, she attempted to make a Hunger Games musical. McNutt starred as Katniss alongside senior Emily Hagan as Peeta. This production cannot be viewed on YouTube due to it never being completed for lack of being able to find a Gale.

When McNutt pondered the definition of beauty she recalled her grandma’s words of wisdom saying.

“My grandma, Nancy McNutt, always says ‘Pretty is as pretty does’, so if you have a nice attitude and personality and if you’re good to other people… I think that’s what beauty is,” said McNutt.

Kendyl LePage reacted to her name being called for top ten as many girls would thinking, “…my peers actually like me.” Her long-time boyfriend Nate Bax’s reaction was one of humor as he mocked her, walking up to her locker after school and saying, “Well congrats on that thing… that one thing. You got on something, didn’t you? What was that…?”


LePage was escorted by Bax to the dance and by Evan Rackers to the game. As a child, LePage’s first love was a stuffed penguin she named “Penguin” that wore a Santa hat. The day the ball fell off Penguin’s hat was the saddest day of her life.

She recalled her shopping experience as being a great endeavor, as most of the hats were picked over because of Helias Catholic High School having the last homecoming in the area, but most of all because of the following experience.

“This lady at Dillard’s was kinda creepy,” LePage said. “She acted like she was my grandma. When she helped us find a skirt that looked nice I thought she was gonna cry. She asked for my mom’s phone and took pictures of us in the middle of Dillard’s.”

If LePage could be any teacher at Helias, it would be Coach Chip Malmstrom.

“Coach Malmstrom [is the teacher I would be] because he just does whatever. He makes food, does outdoorsy things, and has a nice house.”

But apparently LePage wouldn’t need Malmstrom’s outdoor prowess to survive the Hunger Games, as she was confident she could make it very far, possibly even win, by living in the trees like Rue but not being, “as stupid as her to die.”

LePage most memorable embarrassing moment was the time she once dropped something under the table in the commons before school, and after coming up from getting it, she had a wad of gum stuck in her hair until second hour.

If LePage could change one thing about herself it would be her name, she wishes her name was Aubrey, what her parents originally planned on calling her. LePage says they changed their minds on the way to the hospital after hearing an opera singer, by the name Kendyl, sing on T.V. the night before.

Sam Nichols escorted Lexy Lamb to the football game and Sam Heckart was her date to the dance. Lamb was nervous about walking, speaking in front of people, and handling everyone staring at her. Other than her nerves, Lamb was afraid of “anything stingy”, especially wasps. Shoes were not her friend either as finding the right ones were a stressful search.

“We went to about 10 different stores and bought a ton of shoes because my mom refused to go out more than once,” Lamb said. “She told me to get a lot and we would take them back later.”

As a kid, Lamb had a variety of nicknames ranging from “Laminator” to “Fluff”, which is still used occasionally by her peers. Another nickname of hers is “Fluff” referring to her full and curly hair, which she said she would shave off only for a million dollars.

“I would be curious to see how it grew back,” Lamb said. “Would it grow back frizzy and weird like it is now, or would it be straight? And, I would have a million dollars…”

Thinking of funny stories from her life, Lamb mentioned the time she was playing volleyball and the opposing team’s fans saw the name “Lamb” on the back of her shirt. Every time she went back to serve, the crowd behind her would yell, “bbbbaaaaahhhhhh!”

After graduation, Lamb forsees that she will miss going to the Helias basketball games the most. She will miss the intensity of the nail-biter games and dressing up according to that game night’s theme. Lamb is excited for her plans after high school.

“Oh boy,” Lamb said, “Well, I’m planning on attending college, but I still don’t know where and I’m an undecided on my major, so… Yeah, that’s me. I don’t know what I want to do with my life.”

Lanie Hentges said she was excited and caught off guard hearing her name announced for top ten and five, and that her boyfriend, Jonas Miller, was excited to escort her. If Lanie were to have a celebrity escort, she would choose either Channing Tatum or Zac Efron. As for the shopping, Hentges called it “the worst shopping experience ever,” due to her last minute shopping in St. Louis with too many stores surrounding her. If she could have any superpower, she would want to read minds.

Hentges had some thoughts on being what spirit animal she would be if that were a possibility.”

“[I would be] Torey Mueller, because she’s an animal,” Hentges said.

Hentges is going to miss knowing everyone at Helias. She says that it’s nice to be able to walk down the hall and know and be able to talk to everyone. After Helias, Hentges plans on attending Mizzou and studying agricultural business. With this degree, she wants to become a Food Sales Distributer and travel.

Hentges had some thoughts about beauty.

“It’s more about the inside,” Hentges said. “It’s someone who really cares about everybody and strives to be the best person they can be.”

Kayla Yanskey, the 2016 Helias Catholic Homecoming Queen, said as excited as she was when she heard her name, her parents were even more excited. Her mom couldn’t wait to get involved and start shopping. She was apparently so excited to begin shopping that she couldn’t include Kayla.

“I wasn’t with my mom when she was shopping for hats for me, so she made my sister Morgan try on the hats,” Yanskey said. “She just kept sending me pictures asking me if I liked the hat. My phone is full of pictures of Morgan looking miserable trying on the hats.”



Her long-time boyfriend, Grant Bryan, reportedly screamed in the middle of his introduction to music class, upon hearing her name being announced. Yanskey was happy to not be in the class with him. Corey Schepers escorted Yanskey at the game, and Bryan escorted her at the dance. If she could have any celebrity escort, she would pick the “basic” answer, Zac Efron. She was nervous to wear heels to school on the Friday of the Helias Homecoming Queen Assembly, because her goal was to wear them all day, but she had never worn heels for more than thirty minutes. As irrational fears go, Yanskey is terrified of a bug crawling in her ear. According to a dream, she is also afraid of buffalo.

“I once had this dream that I was home alone and my house was surrounded by buffalo,” Yanskey said. “I couldn’t get out and I was deathly afraid of these buffalo. I just wanted my parents to come home.”

As a kid, her nickname was “KayKay” and she is still occasionally called by her email name: Soccerkk25. She says that her spirit animal would be a cheetah because she lives a very fast-paced life and never stops.

“I always keep my schedule really busy but I love every minute of it,” Yanskey said.

After her Helias days are over, Yanskey plans to attend either Mizzou or Missouri State to become a high school math teacher and coach like Mrs. Leslie Verslues.

Yanskey had some thoughts on beauty.

“It’s someone who is kind to others and always makes them smile and laugh,” Yanskey said. “I think confidence also really brings out beauty.”


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