How to make a Poster in Adobe Photoshop By Rylee Lorts

When a person is making a poster, Adobe Photoshop can be a useful tool. There are many options to explore and various tools to use in Photoshop. If a person has Photoshop available, he/she can use the five steps below to create a basic poster with text and images for any event.

The first step is to open Adobe Photoshop and select the button on his/her screen that says new. Once he/she has selected new, a box will pop up asking for information including: name, document type, width, height, resolution, color mode, background contents, color profile, and pixel aspect ratio. A person would want to name his/her file to what the poster will be titled as, and the document type should be custom.  As for settings and other options, the width should be set to 8.5 inches, the height to 11 inches, and the resolution should be 300. Last, the person’s color mode should be set at RGB Color with an 8 bit. A person’s background content can be any color that him/her would like, but I would recommend starting out with white and changing it at a later time, just in case the first color a person picks does not go with a his/her overall theme. The color profile a person wants to pick is “Don’t Color Manage this Document”, and he/she wants his/her pixel aspect ratio to be in square pixels. Once a person has all the correct settings, he/she can go ahead and click OK.



Next an editing screen along with a white block like image in the center should pop up. The white box is the person’s background for the poster and this is where he/she will edit his/her poster. If he/she looks to the right, there should be a column of different settings and three fourths of the way down, he/she will see a layer called background. Next to it will be a little image that looks like a lock. If he/she presses the lock, it will go away. Do not press it. The person wants it to stay locked so his/her background image won’t get moved.

The person’s next step is to set up guide lines creating a border to ensure when he/she prints off the poster nothing will get cut off. This means that a person only wants to edit inside these guide lines. To get guide lines, he/she wants to hit view, which is located in the top left corner of a person’s screen, then he/she wants to select rulers. Once the rulers pop up, he/she can click and hold to drag down, and that will create a guide line. It is important to make sure a person drags his/her guide line down to .5 inches.

Once the guide lines are set up, it’s time to begin editing. The first thing a person wants to do is add his/her background color or photo. If a person wants to insert a photo, click file, open, then pick the photo he/she wants to add. When a person clicks on the photo, it should come up on his/her computer in a setting similar to where his/her white screen is. To move a photo, he/she wants to click on the top bar and hold, then drag down and it should pop into its own box. Making sure a person has selected his/her move tool, he/she wants to click directly in the middle of the picture and drag it across and release where his/her white background is. Now he/she may notice that his/her picture does not correctly fit the white background and to fix that just make sure he/she is on the layer with the photo and then hit edit, transform, scale, then just hold shift and adjust it the way he/she wants it.


Once his/her background is completely put in, if he/she wants to add in more photos he/she can do it the same way as he/she did earlier. File, open, then click on the picture he/she wants in his/her poster and hit open. Then drag it to the background and he/she can transform it again, if it does not fit how he/she wants it by clicking edit, transform, scale. Then keeping the shift down click and drag to get it the height he/she wants.


Finally, it is time to insert the text. Like almost every poster there is text to inform others about what the poster is for. To insert text into his/her poster click on the tool on the left side tool bar with the big “T”. Once he/she has clicked on that, a curser in a dotted box should appear. He/she wants to take that and drag it over the area he/she wants his/her text to be and a text box should appear. Once that text box appears, he/she can highlight the text and at the top left part of the tool bar there should be a “T” that has two arrows by it, if he/she clicks that, it will come up with different text options. If he/she would like to change the text color, then again just highlight the text and off to the right, there should be a color box. If he/she just moves around the hollow circle into the color box, the color of his/her text should change. Once he/she is all done with the text, his/her poster should be completed.



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