The Junior Float Receives Second Place By Rylee Lorts

The Junior float building started on October 3rd and ended on October 7th. The juniors were allowed to work on the float from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. The juniors this year, and every year since their freshmen year, worked on the float at the Schnieder’s workshop, located across from the 179 soccer fields.

The homecoming theme for this year, the year of 2016, was “Turn Up for Homecoming,”  which means students should show up and get excited for homecoming. Along with this theme, music genres were another part of the theme. Going along with this other theme, the juniors this year decided to go with a DJ theme for their float. They had a sculpture of a DJ behind a table that had various equipment on it like a turn table. Also, behind the sculpture there were flashing multi-colored lights.

The DJ sculpture was made out of chicken wire and colored pomp paper to make a green shirt and grey bottoms. The makeshift DJ had a microphone in one hand and the other was pointed out at the people watching the parade. The juniors had glued Sister Jean’s face to the head of the DJ and had a long black wig with a flat bill on top of the DJ’s head.

Each grade had a genre of music assigned to them and the juniors genre was rap, which meant during the whole parade they played hit songs in the rap genre from two jumbo speakers. When talking to the audience about the music, they all responded in a positive way to the music selection.

“I knew all the songs!”, said Alexis Lorts a student at Helias Catholic High School. “It made the junior float seem fun and relatable!”

This year the Junior float took second place. The first place winner however was the sophomore class. Some juniors were still positive about their second place finish.

“I thought it was pretty good”, said Hope Gorney, a junior at Helias Catholic High School. “It was definitely better this year than it’s been in the past.”


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