How to Juggle for Coordination and Athleticism By Logan Brauner

Juggling is an activity one can do alone or with friends.  It is a drill that improves ones coordination with the soccer ball, and many find it a fun game. The more touches on the ball, the better coordinated a player becomes.

Juggling is a game of keeping a soccer ball in the air without it hitting the ground.  Bouncing the ball off knees, heads, and feet, and mixing it up between the knee bumps, headers, and chest bumps, feet kicks, is a big part of the game. Athletes and others working to build coordination and athleticism will find the game valuable.

Having the right equipment before starting is important.  A ball and loose fitting clothes work best. The shoes need to be secured on one’s feet, and their hair needs to be out of the way.  Juggling can take place in a gym or outside where there is lots of space.

The first step to juggling is to get a feel for the ball.  Toss the ball up in the air, let it hit the ground, kick it up to the hands and catch the ball.  Repeat this process until one feels comfortable.  Once one gets the feel for it, go to the next step.  Start the ball on the ground and pop it up to oneself.  When one pops it up, keep control of the ball while juggling it.  It is not an easy activity. But once a person gets to juggling, it will become addictive.

If juggling with others stand in a circle or stand across from someone and juggle back and forth with them. Some teams have to be able to juggle to a certain number to even make the team.  Juggling could take a while to master, but it will guarantee a person’s to be more success in their athletic endeavors by making the person more coordinated.

When one gains mastery of the basics of juggling, there are ways to make juggling more complicated.  There are moves that are pretty tricky to pull off, but once one gets the hang of jugging, it shouldn’t be difficult.


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