Phone upgrades down for Helias Catholic Students By Bryce Backes

The newest release for smart phones in either Apple or Samsung may not be the best to have.  The problem of the iPhone 7 is its lack of a headphone jack.  The headphones for the 7 must be wireless and Bluetooth connectable, and its touchscreen is malfunctioning.  The Samsung Note 7 is no better because the phone has literally blown up in many consumers’ pockets.

A survey was conducted over 84 for the 702 students at Helias Catholic High School.  42 of the students had an Apple iPhone 6 and said that they were going to keep the iPhone 6 since it has a headphone jack to plug their headphones into and listen to music.  25 of the votes confirmed that students were going to upgrade their iPhone 6 to an iPhone 7.  The iPhone 7 on the plus side, functions better with iOS 10 that came out earlier this September and has quicker processing speeds.  The price range for an iPhone 7 is from $649 to $849 depending on the storage space the consumer wants.  Wireless headphones cost from $20 to $400 depending on quality.

Seven students said that they wanted to keep their Samsung Note 6 and deal with the out of date processing speeds.  The Samsung Note 6 is on the contrary safer than the Samsung Note 7, which has had several cases of them exploding.  What causes this issue in the Samsung Note 7, is the battery wires have a short in them and the phone heats up and explodes.  Samsung is offering a refund or a trade in for a new Galaxy device.  In Helias though, there are four students that are going to risk upgrading their phones to the Note 7. The Note 7 has a lot of new features that the Note 6 did not have, which is why the Note 7 is such a more desirable device.  The price of a Note 7 costs $784.

The last six students surveyed do not have either an iPhone or a Samsung phone, and one of the six did not even have a phone.  Those students might be considered lucky because they will not have to worry about buying expensive wireless Bluetooth compatible headphones or having a possible bomb in their pocket.  Right now, either the iPhone 7 or the Samsung Note 7 are both very expensive devices to buy or to pay for a hospital bill.


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