Helias Catholic High School Turns-up on the Dance Floor By Bekah Knoll

With this year’s theme of music genres, Helias Catholic High School celebrated 60 years with another homecoming dance on Sunday, October 9th. Each class, or grade level, was assigned a different music genre for the week. Freshmen were given the theme of disco, sophomores got rock ‘n’ roll, juniors were assigned rap, and seniors were given country. These different styles of music, came in the form of different outfits for the week, homecoming floats and of course, dance moves. At the end of the week, students got together in the field house at Helias Catholic High School, around 8 p.m. to “turn up for homecoming”.

The set up for this year’s dance was much the same as in past years, though a few things had changed.

“Having gone to all of our homecoming dances, I have seen all of the changes in each one,” said Rachel Stewart. “All of the dances have had their ups and downs, but I would say this year’s homecoming decorations were one of the best I have seen.”

The photo booth this year was in a different location. Some students claim that it made the line go faster and that it allowed for more space in the refreshments area. Other students disagreed, saying that it made no difference and they would have rather seen it in its usual location.

“I like how it made things feel less crowded,” explained Noah Newberry, adding, “but I still think I would have rather seen the photo booth where it normally is.”

As far as lights go, during a slow song, they would get dimmer and flash softer. Whereas, for a fast and up beat song, they would flash brighter and more colorfully. Decorations consisted of anything from the freshman’s theme of disco, to the seniors’ country hoedown. Banners were hung on the walls and streamers cascaded down from the ceiling in the doorway of the dance floor. A large cardboard guitar was used as a decorative prop near the refreshments tables, and some students even chose to use it as a prop for taking pictures.

“I saw the guitar and thought it was super cute!” said Kara Dudenhoeffer. “I just knew I had to take a picture with it!”

Along with all of the different colored decorations on the walls, the dance floor was filled with so many styles of dresses ranging in tons of different colors. Like every year, there are different dress styles. This year the most common styles consisted of long or two-pieced dresses.

“I just loved all of the different styles of dresses this year,” said Brenna McNutt, a member of the 2016 Helias Homecoming Court. “Everyone looked really nice, and being part of the homecoming court gave me the opportunity to be able to see all of the dresses as we walked down the center of the dance floor. Everyone looked very beautiful this year and I am excited to say that my senior year was definitely one of the best.”

For this year’s homecoming dance, 8 out of every 10 students agreed that the music and decorations were great. This means that 80% of the students agreed that there was a wide variety of music, ranging from country to pop then from rap to classic rock. Other students agreed that the decorations and refreshments were the best part of the dance. No matter what each student decides to call his or her favorite part of the night, it is safe to say that the students of Helias Catholic High School made sure to turn up for homecoming in their very own ways.


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