Wednesday brought the theme of Rock versus Rap for Homecoming Week By Kristjan Hirsch

On Wednesday, Helias kicked off the third day of the music themed homecoming week with “Rapper vs. Rock Day”. The school was given the opportunity to dress as either a rapper or a rocker, from Axel Rose to Gucci Mane. Some students also dressed in T shirts representing rappers and rockers. Throughout the day, many students met and compared outfits, complementing each other’s rock and rap ideas of how to represent the music style. Whether the students wore a chain and turned a hat backwards or brought in a real guitar, students found a way to express their favorite music style.

Many students and staff found it difficult to determine whether somebody was dressed as either a rapper or a rocker. This would also lead to the question, Which is better, rapper or rocker? One student Grant Rockers used this opportunity to create a different outlook on the whole day. Throughout the day, Rockers wore a shirt that said “ Hello my name is…Rockers”. Coach Wilson also did something similar dressing in a cardboard cutout of Florida representing Rapper Flo Rida.

During lunches, the school played classic rap and rock music. Many students sang along to tunes such as “Ice Ice Baby” and “Sweet Child O’ Mine”. Many students could also be seen sitting together wearing similar styles of clothing.  Others discussed their favorite genre of the two, even pointing out people who really pulled of the looks. When students returned to class, they came back with a better understanding for their fellow classmates’ taste in music.

In advisory period, many students were excited to show each other their styles and share their thoughts on the day. Many students would agree that Rockers vs. Rappers was a day that allowed students to express their inner rockstars and rap gods, like Smashmouth said “Hey now you’re a rock star, get the show on, get paid.”


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