Freshmen Suited Up for the First Day of Spirit Week at Helias   By Sierra Lorentz

As the freshmen class of 2017 was welcomed on the first day by colored hallways, they were dressed in jerseys. The freshmen got to experience the spirit week theme along with the whole school. With this being their first day of homecoming week, the freshmen were a little unexpected of what was to happen.

Before school started, it was hard for the freshmen not to notice the elaborate decorations in the Crusader Commons. As the student council representatives taped and tacked these items into place, the decorations finally were finished. 
The day was a normal schedule until third period. After the bell rang, an announcement began to call each class down to the gym. First the seniors, then the juniors, followed by the sophomores. The freshmen finally arrived in the gym. The gym was full of the student body, ready for mass to begin. Everyone sang the chords and said the prayers until church was finished.

Later that day, each class had to work collectively on their individual floats. This was a great start to the week for the freshman, giving them a first-hand experience of what to expect as the week moved on.


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