International Club Finds New Leader By Drake Winder

The International Club has new leadership for the 2016 school year and many changes. After the retirement of Mrs. Rodeman, the International Club was left in the dark as far as who would be the club moderator. Mrs. Villalobos has stepped up and filled that position.

Villalobos plans to make many changes to the club. She still plans to have at least one general meeting once a mouth for all members. She also plans to have the club do more charity work which will be new to the club. In past years, the club would take up money at the beginning of the school year and give it to charity. This year, Villalobos will plan to do multiple acts of charity.

“I would like to do an end of the year fundraising for a trip for International Club members” said Villalobos. “We will also focus more on other charity.

The club will still be going out to eat at different restaurants of the countries they are learning about. They plan on gaining a deeper knowledge of the country they are learning about, unlike past years when the International Club would just go out to eat.

“I want to start off by focusing more on the experience of the country,” said Villalobos. “The first country we will be learning about will be Japan and I plan on the club eating at Fuji.”

Another change this year is the fee for the club, which increased to ten dollars to join. This fee will partly go towards to charity.

“We will continue doing the recycling and eating out at restaurants,” said Villalobos. “I would also like to have a trivia night for Japan and an origami night.”

Last year, the International Club had about 35 active members, meaning the members went to more than two meetings. Villalobos plans on gaining more active members that last year, with more things to do besides just eating food at different restaurants.

“We have about 100 kids signed up right now, and I plane on having 15 more” said Villalobos. “I’m going to make this year’s International Club fun and educational.”


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