Helias Concert Choir Prepares for a Harmonic Fall Concert By Bekah Knoll

As the Helias Catholic Concert Choir prepares for their up-and-coming fall concert, things such as the location, time, and song selections are a few of the topics of interest for the group.  With not a whole lot of time before the concert date, the 57 member choir, full of students from sophomores to seniors are slaving away to memorize and perfect their music.

Since the choir group is much larger than in past year, it has proven to be a challenge for Mrs. Fox, the choir director. Though challenging, she remains positive about the situation.

“I think it’s great to have such a large class, because more students are using their voices in a positive manner and it makes the vocal range of the choir all the better,” explains the choir director, Mrs. Fox. “It also gives us more as an opportunity as a whole to enter into some of the larger vocal competitions that some of the larger schools participate in.”

Some of the students in the choir have said that the number of students in the choir will be a good thing, whereas others have said it is a distraction. Opinions from both side of the board have been recorded, although most were of a similar opinion to that of Makinley Brooks, a senior in the Helias Concert Choir.

“I think that the larger the choir, the more of a vocal range we will have in our group,” said Makinley Brooks, a senior in the class. “And in my opinion, I think it will make the concert much more enjoyable to listen to as well as to watch.”

Students of the choir are cracking down on their songs for the fall concert, that’s for sure. Putting long hours before, during, and after school t perfect their vocal parts. Songs have been selected in a variety of languages, ranging from English to Italian, it is sure to be a very diverse concert.

“This is really just my opinion, but I really love the music selected for this concert because every song is all about how great music is and how it applies to our lives,” said Jordan Ehmke, a senior alto member or the Helias Catholic Concert Choir. “Since music is such a big part of my life, I just love the songs because they not only speak to the choir as a whole but they speak to me personally.”

Through all of the practices and memorization efforts, the Helias Catholic Concert Choir is determined to be ready for their up-and-coming fall concert. They are ready to prove that practice makes perfect when it comes to the Helias Catholic music department.

“Being that it is my senior year, and my last opportunity at a great fall concert, I’m very excited,” said Rachel Stewart, a choir senior. “I know we are working really hard to perfect our songs and I cannot wait to take part in my last first-of-the-year concert.”


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