Fall Fashion Falls on Helias By Malorie Crocker

Fall is coming up and wallets will be coming open for new clothes. But, fashionable styles these days are about knowing how to mix clothes owned already with new sweaters, necklaces, and boots bought recently, to spice an old look. But before people go out and spend hundreds of dollars on new clothing items, follow these simple steps to help save a bunch of money. Step one, a student should go through their closet to see what fits and what doesn’t fit. Step two, create outfits with what came out of their closet. Step three, create a list of what new items need that go along with the fashion of fall 2016.

This year, fall is about prints, colors, and bold pieces whether that be a necklace or a bright colored vest. At Helias Catholic High School, students were in the lunch room to see what kind of ideas they had in mind on wearing this fall. The girls sounded like they were all on the same page as to what they are going to wear. More than 90% of the girls said that they are going to stick with wearing their leggings, a sweater with a vest, and some cute brown boots.

“I usually end up walking out of my house with my skinny jeans, boots, a plain shirt, and then I add some bold jewelry to finish the look,” said Elaine Vargas, senior.

As for the guys, they were all laid back about the question proposed to them. Most of them were unsure and the other half decided they were going to stick with looking in their closet and wearing whatever they see that matches.

“I’m going to wear my jeans with some holes in them, a long-sleeved shirt because sometimes it can get a little chilly and my cowboy boots,” said Brian Arnold.

His idea on what he is going to wear goes along with the fall fashion trends announced on Glamour.com. The men’s trends for 2016 are army green or corduroy jackets, khaki or jeans for pants, and a nice flannel shirt. Men’s fashion isn’t as high end and women’s but still looks classy and chic.

Let’s not forget about the fall makeup now. To make an outfit complete, you have to make sure you’re wearing the right tones. Fall is all about browns, oranges, gold’s, and greens. Those four colors can go with any color of shirt or style of outfit you wear. The fall makeup look is more natural with a hint of color. Remember, eyeliner can always be added to make the eyes pop or some highlighter to brighten the face up a little. A soft pink blush is always a go to, it will enhance the natural look and give students a little color on the face.

While fall is coming up quickly, there is no need to panic on buying new outfits. Remember that the goal of fall 2016 is about reusing and renewing the closet. For the ladies, Glamour.com chose two outfits to stick to where they know they’re in the safe zone. They chose jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt or leggings with a vest and some cute booties. For the gentlemen, they chose jeans with a nice button up shirt with a tan vest and some colored pants with a white t-shirt and a colored jacket for a casual look. Remember with every outfit, it’s all about looking and feeling confident. Don’t forget, a pop of color is always a win in the fall!


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