Helias Catholic Shooting Team Prepares for First Competition By Evan McCorkle

After several months of practice, members of Helias shooting team will have their first competition Saturday, September 10 at the Missouri Trap Shooter’s Association in Linn Creek, Missouri. Helias Catholic will be competing against several other high schools from the Missouri area and are aiming for their best scores yet.

Coach Ed Twehous is not expecting winning scores as much as he is looking for the team to “gain experience and have fun.”

“We’ll worry about winning later, right now we’re just going to have fun,” said Twehous.

The team currently has its hopes up with one of its members, Kaleb Haley, shooting the team’s first perfect 25 in practice.  This was an achievement not only for Kaleb but also for the team.

After practice was over everyone loaded one round, Haley threw his hat high in the air, and the whole team shot it.

Fun like this has grown the shooting club from 3 to 12 members.

“From what started as a group of three guys that were slightly above average shooters has turned into a team of friends who like to come out here and have fun,” said Twehous.

Practice for the team normally consists of each member shooting 100 flying clay pigeon targets. There are four rounds of shooting for each shooter. There are five stations for each round and 25 targets per round. Each squad (or group of five) shoots at each station five times, making the total number of rounds shot per person 25.

Before the team began shooting, much instruction was given on gun and shooting safety.

“Safety is a top priority for the club,” Twehous said. For Helias’ team, if shooters are not wearing hearing or eye protection when they step up to shoot, they are pulled off the line and are not allowed to shoot.

There will be around 800 people and 160 teams at the tournament on Saturday. Helias will be sending two teams to this tournament. Team members are aiming high and hoping the clay birds die.


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