Students Speak Their Initial Opinions on Google Classroom    By Jake Wieberg

Google Classroom was implemented into some of the classes of Helias Catholic in order to make things more technical and easier for the students of the school.
Google Classroom is an app made by Google to simplify the distribution and grading of papers between student and teacher in a paperless way. Helias Catholic is a Google school which means it uses much of Google’s applications.

“It is easier to find and keep track of things when they are given to us by the teacher,” said Zeb Rackers. “I’m sure once I use the app a little more I will be able to like it more.”

In the past, teachers usually printed off and copied handouts, tests, and homework for the students. Now with Google Classroom, the students can view and print off handouts and homework virtually. However, this can be a problem for some students.

“I really don’t like using it,” said Miles Rockers. “It can be a hassle to get on the Internet and print off the homework or handout.”

Some students don’t like the fact that they have to get papers on their own. They would rather get them handed to them so they could keep track of them in a folder or pocket in their notebook. Some students don’t have a chance at home to get on the app.

“A majority of my friends have no Internet,” said Miles Rockers. “The ones that have Internet have problems getting on the app as well.”


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