Staff Tries out New Retreat Strategy    By James Wieberg

This year every grade’s retreat will be held on the same day. This is different than retreat days of previous years. So why is every grade going on retreat on the same day?

Principal Kenya Fuemmeler has agreed on the all-school retreat day for many reasons. One of which is that she believes it takes very little time out of the normal school schedule. 

“I think it’ll be a lot of fun for the students this year,” Ms. Fuemmeler said. 

This year’s retreat schedule only takes two days of school. In the past, students have gone on their own grade’s day. When an entire grade was missing for a day, many classes were brought to a very slow pace, specifically those classes with juniors and seniors. Teachers did not want to leave retreat-day students behind. It was not uncommon to see entire classrooms filled with no more than three students on retreat days. Now that is about to change.

On the all-school retreat day, every grade will be doing their own activities. These activities will be separate from the other grades. The administration will not reveal too much, but the students have some ideas. 

Students can count on doing service, hearing Catholic speakers and performers, as well as group-bonding activities designed to bring students closer as a class.

Maureen Quinn, Helias’ campus minister, has done much of the planning involving the retreat day. 

“I’m really excited about the retreat this year,” Quinn said. “We have a lot planned.”


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