Helias Reacts to Google Classroom    by Drake Winder

Many Helias students are surprised by the new wave of technology being used this school year in the classroom. Google Classroom is being used in multiply classes instead of hard copies of books. Teachers and students are learning how Google Classroom is helping the learning environment.
At the start of the 2016 school year, Helias students were introduced to this new way of learning in the classroom. Most teachers are now using Google Classroom instead of using a hard copy of a book to teach. The decision to go to online learning is a cost-effective way of learning. Using online books instead of buying newer books every few years saves the school money. 

There are many pros and cons to having a Google Classroom.

​“Google Classroom is very easy to use,” said Mrs. Haslag. “Google classroom makes it easier to discuss topics in class as long as you have an electronic device.”

​Not everyone at Helias has access to a device that can hook up to the Internet. Other factors can determine how well Google Classroom can work.

​“I can’t see homework through Google Classroom because I don’t always have a device or Internet,” said junior Paige Castle. “Google classroom is not hard to use, it’s just confusing on how to turn in assignments.”

​Google classroom has both an online site and an app. The online site has all features included with Google. The app does not have all features and sometimes requires additional downloads to edit Word documents. Google Classroom does give students instant notices when the teacher posts something on the classroom stream.

​“I like how I can access it from anywhere with me device,” said junior Grace Twehous. “It reminds me to finish homework.”



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