Helias boys soccer is hopeful for another run at the state playoffs    By  Logan Brauner

The Helias boys’ soccer team is hopeful for another run at state. They finished last season tied for 3rd place. It was an unpredictable season considering it was Coach Metzger’s first year as head coach. If you ask any of the returning lettermen, they would say they were not satisfied with the final outcome. All of their hard work got them very close but not as close as they would have liked. Metzger and his team are using a different strategy this year.

This season they started training more. Training started as early as spring for some players. Running and conditioning was top priority. Having open fields twice a week and team runs once a week were their summer workout regimens. When the season started, the running continued with at least two miles, and sometimes five miles, daily. The new weight training routine was also added twice a week. Coach Metzger said,

“I want you to be the most fit soccer team in the state,” Coach Metzger said. “Keeping these workouts going is a key to getting them there.”

Aside from all of the weight training and running, team building and footwork are two other areas in which the boys focus. Upper classmen are encouraged to help transport underclassmen who can’t drive to the fields. There may be a division between seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen that many high school teams struggle with, but the hope of this soccer team is that when the boys are on the field, they are all one.  

There are other steps to success in boys soccer. 

“Getting the first touch on the ball is also necessary for success,” says Coach Jay Hebenheimer. “Don’t give up, be the first to touch the ball, go to the ball, quickly, hurry, etc., are all things they should be working on. They just have to keep at it.”

The team consists of 31 players: 6 seniors, 14 juniors, 4 sophomores, and 7 freshmen. The coaches are Michael Metzger, Mike Roberts, and Jay Hebenheimer. Varsity is a mixture of all four grades. Metzger doesn’t care what grade they are in. They each earn their spot fair and square. If they each give 110 percent, they will be rewarded whether they are a senior or a freshman. Varsity has 6 seniors, 11 juniors, 4 sophomores, and 2 freshmen.  

This is an away year for the team. However, they hope they will be on the road to state soon. 


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