Chandler Luebbert begins starting quarterback role By Jenn Hassler

Chandler Luebbert is the new starting quarterback for the 2016 Helias football team. Luebbert started playing flag football in 4th grade and moved up to the PAL league in the 6th grade, where he played running back and quarterback. At the quarterback role, he found he liked to be a leader and have responsibility.

“I enjoy it because of the responsibility that position holds,” stated Luebbert.

Luebbert puts in constant work to stay in shape for football. The team practices daily after school and lifts weights twice a week.

“I stay in shape by eating healthy and constant conditioning,” said Luebbert.

Preparing for a football game doesn’t just take physical preparation but also mental preparation. Luebbert watches film about three to four times a week.

“I prepare for games by watching film,” Luebbert said, “and breaking it down play by play and man by man.”

Even with all the work that he puts into football, school still comes first to Luebbert. He tries to put it first but finds it difficult to focus on school when there is a big game coming up.

“It’s tricky,” said Luebbert. “My priorities are 60 percent school and 40 percent football.”

Motivation for Luebbert comes from within. He’s self-driven and hates losing or letting himself and others down. Luebbert is also motivated by those who have come before him.

“I know I have big shoes to fill,” stated Luebbert about previous players.

Lots of pregame festivities and hype lead up to the opening kickoff, and for Luebbert, this is one of his favorite parts. The hype helps get the players ready to play.

“It’s just an adrenaline rush listening to the crowd yell and the music play,” said Luebbert.

Another favorite part for him is being with his teammates every day for practice and creating a bond with them.

“It’s a brotherhood,” Luebbert answered.

As a senior, this will be Luebbert’s last high school football season. He says the younger players should just enjoy the moment.

“There’s nothing better than being with your closest friends and playing a game that you love together,” explained Luebbert.

The football team had a rocky start in Hannibal on August 19, falling 19-14. With 3 pass completions, 1 touchdown, 17 carries, and 88 rushing yards, Luebbert provided a glimpse of the option offense in week one. Helias is back in action at their first home game on August 27, and Luebbert expects great things.

“People shouldn’t doubt this team,” said Luebbert. “You can count on us to make it far this year.”


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