Chloe Ramsey Breaks School Pole Vaulting Record By Jenn Hassler

Three years ago, Chloe Ramsey witnessed college students pole vaulting and decided she wanted to try it. Now, in her first year at Helias, sophomore Chloe Ramsey has broken the school pole vaulting record. Ramsey broke the record of 10 feet 6 inches on Tuesday, April 5, with a vault of 10 feet 7 inches.

“It was crazy,” said Ramsey. “I didn’t realize I broke the record.”

Previously in the track season, it was thought that Chloe had broken the record of 10 feet 3 inches with a 10 feet 4 inches vault, but that was incorrect. Since then, she has been determined to break the record. Ramsey practices every day unless she has a meet.

“I just put everything behind me and go for it,” said Ramsey. “I run fast and jump high hoping for the best.”

Many athletes have a preparation method before a competition that works for them. Ramsey, the new record holder, has found hers. She prepares by jumping a couple times and by focusing on the little things in her vault, so she doesn’t forget to do them, and by prayer.

“Saying a little prayer before each jump helps me relax,” Ramsey said.

Ramsey says that others who like excitement in their life should try pole vaulting. It takes time to clear higher bars but the excitement is worth it.

“When you’re in the air, you feel like you’re flying and that’s my favorite part,” said Ramsey. “It’s such a rush.”


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