Take the Pick: Healthy or Hospital-ridden, a column by Casey Linsenbardt

Take yourself back to a day you struggled to pull yourself out of bed. Imagine what you thought as you contemplated to get up or not to get up. Many people awake with a familiar groggy and sleepy feeling from lack of sleep or a busy schedule, while many others struggle to rise due to obesity. Imagine that you have a large build up of adipose tissue (fat tissue) around your midsection causing difficulty for you to sit up, day in and day out. 
One-third of the United States adults are considered to be obese, while 18 percent of teens are considered to be obese. Few people are willing to take the step to move away from obesity. Obesity is measured by your Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI is measured by weight and height. If your BMI is over thirty, you are considered obese. If you have a body index over forty, it’s considered severely obese. 

Obesity has many excuses that people cling to as the reasoning they are overweight. One leading excuse is the price of healthier food choices is more expensive. Many other people also tend to state that they don’t want to spend money on a gym membership or waste the time on one. These people who do not want to change their lifestyles tend to want to slide the blame onward to other individuals. 

Studies have shown that those who are obese will spend roughly at least $1,500 more than those who are not obese. This factor of money is spent on hospital visits or similar incidents. The annual obesity cost of the U.S. is $147 billion. Obesity-related conditions include heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, and certain types of cancer. Other factors may accumulate into this study. If you’re having to pay more to simply go to the hospital for being overweight, there should be no question of going on a diet for prevention of obesity.  

End the fight of obesity with a healthy eating diet. The cost of unhealthy food versus healthy choices is a noticeable difference. Studies have shown that eating healthy is only $1.50 more per day than the unhealthy choice. If you plan out a budget to accommodate a new healthy eating style this choice is very capable of being done. A 20 ounce bottle of Coke soda costs $1.79. If you replace that bottle of soda you purchase from the store daily, and fill a bottle of water at home, this results in overachieving the $1.50 you need to eat that day nutritiously (or $550 per year). 

A common reason many people are obese is due to sugary foods and beverages. What many also don’t see as a harmful food is dairy. Dairy is very high in fat when you over-do it. Dairy products such as milk and cheese are common to be argued about when it comes to the price of the item as well. Another common way to begin a new healthy outlook is to make a “vegan day”. If you take part in a vegan day you will refrain from many unhealthy choices such as: dairy, fatty meats, sugar, high sodium and many other hidden fatty acids. 

Few people notice the true harms of sugar. Some believe that sugar is not necessary at all in a person’s diet while others know that we need some sugar intake in moderation. The daily men’s sugar intake is allowed at 9 teaspoons and women’s is measured at 6 teaspoons. This number may vary on your age and size. When people consume more than these measurements that is when the excess sugar works its way into storing in adipose tissue around the midsection, also commonly known as fat or “fat rolls”. 

Processed foods have many hidden secrets in them, like the content of sugar, oil, sodium and many more. When you read the ingredient label on any processed food it is easy to believe what you are consuming is not as bad as you may think. (Product makers label sugars in a percentile on a label to stimulate the idea of the intake you’re getting is “not so bad”.)

Other ways you can change your lifestyle for a positive outlook is exercising daily. This can be achieved by simply going for a walk with the dog or going for a bike ride. Exercise is better than nothing. In the present generation you commonly see people with a smartphone or computer available to them. This resource is great to find easy workouts you are able to do on your own at home with no equipment necessary. 

Many people have different ideas of living a happy life. Be comfortable with yourself as a happy healthy self. Be someone who wants to leap from bed in the morning with good health. Do you want to die before your child graduates high school? Start living healthy and be happier, healthier, and wealthier.  


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