Get in a healthy relationship and become selfless  A column by Kaylie LeCuru 

Relationships can be very distracting for a young adult during high school. Students have many things to worry about during this time in their lives. According to, a student gets an average of 17.5 hours of homework a week which is a huge part of their time after coming home from school every day. 
Students also have many things under their belt that need most of their attention, such as work or sports. But yet many high school students are either in or have currently been in a high school relationship. Some parents see high school relationships as a waste of time or as just a distraction to their children. 

A writer for the Livestrong campaign named S. Grey talked about teenagers growing more mature while in a high school relationship. They begin to think of the other person more often than themselves. Teenagers become less selfish. 

High school relationships are a distraction at times, but are also a release. Students have struggles and challenges every day. Dating someone in high school can make those days go by smoother and easier when you have someone to look forward to talking to when the day is over.  

High school relationships start and end in a flash in some situations but some can last a lifetime. Each failed relationship may look like a waste of time to others, but for the people involved it is just a time for them to grow and learn. Relationships are there for people to make mistakes and are a way for people to learn how to figure out their priorities and to figure out how to love themselves before they let someone else love them.  

An expert from Brandon Gaille talked about some marriage statistics. They said high school sweethearts who wait until they are about 25 years old to get married have a 78% success rate. For marriages in today’s society, that is a huge deal. This just shows that not all high school relationships are failures and distractions. Finding your true love in high school is very rare, but looking at the success rate of those who found their true love, married, and settled down, it is definitely worth a try.  

Lisa Fritscher from wrote about how high school relationships are for practicing. You have to work at it and sometimes you may not succeed, but you keep practicing and learning from your previous mistakes and getting better. The teens have learned how to create bonds with other people and learn to move on and to let things go that weren’t meant to be. 

The key to all of these relationships is to be in a healthy relationship. A teenager in a very damaging relationship has many different outcomes than when in a healthy relationship. Healthy relationships bring you up and cause you to grow as a person. Being in a destructive relationship brings a teenager down and causes them to get their priorities wrong. 

High school relationships may seem like a problem for high school students or may seem unneeded, but they help develop a young adult’s social ability and help them grow.


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