Netflix Rules Supreme with Helias Catholic Students  By Dane Borovicka

In today’s world, most people have some sort of video streaming account. The most popular are Hulu and Netflix. Helias Catholic students were asked which they preferred. 

“I prefer Netflix because I like watching movies over television,” said Zach Gaines. “Plus Netflix also has the television shows that I enjoy watching.” 

Netflix is popular for its movies and major television shows. Most kids we talked to agreed with Zach and preferred movies and major television over Hulu.

“I like Hulu because the episodes of my favorite T.V. shows come out the same day they come out on actual television,” said Matthias Dunville. “Plus, with Hulu Premium, it’s like watching T.V. without advertisements constantly interrupting.”

Not very many students agreed with Matthias. They said that Hulu premium was $11 a month instead of Netflix’s $8 a month. Although, Hulu was definitely more popular with students that preferred watching television shows.

At Helias Catholic High School, Netflix ruled supreme with 88 percent of the students surveyed preferring it over Hulu. Most kids did not support Hulu and were against even considering it over Netflix.


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