Helias students and parent discuss how relationships work in today’s world By Kaylie LeCuru

Today’s society has a strong influence on high school relationships and how teenagers view them.

“Technology really corrupts relationships,” said Taylor Dunn, current Helias Catholic High School student. “Teenagers don’t even talk in person anymore. They just text and Snapchat and it just really adds a lot of complications to relationships when you never learn how to actually talk to someone in person.”

While some high school relationships succeed, many also fail. Current high school student Lauren Register talked about what she thought she has learned from her previously failed relationships.

“Be careful who you trust,” said Register, “and don’t ever think that your relationship is going to be perfect all the time. You have to work on things and get through the bad times to get to the good.”

There are many simple things in high school relationships that are sometimes hidden. These simple things are actually some of the key things in making relationships succeed.

“Relationships cannot survive without communication,” said Grace Dittmer, Helias senior, “without communication, you might as well just give your relationship up because there is no way it will work.”

Not only communication but trust is a huge factor that makes relationships work.

“Our society today causes so many couples to not trust each other,” said Jennifer Lawler, current Helias student. “Even when the other person hasn’t done anything wrong, you need to trust your partner and not let other people convince you to stop trusting when you have no reason to stop.”

When thinking of high school relationships, many people think of a high schooler dating another high schooler, but many people forget about the situation of a high schooler dating someone older than them. Many have said this is much harder to make succeed.

“Dating an older guy makes a relationship so much harder,” said Danielle Schrimpf, “because they are just at a completely different stage in their life. But otherwise they are no different. If you are happy with someone, it shouldn’t matter if they are older or younger, just be happy.”

Rhonda LeCuru, parent of a current Helias senior, is currently new to the dating life. She was married for 26 years and has just begun the process of dating again while she is in her late 40s.

“Dating used to be so much easier,” said LeCuru. “You didn’t have to worry about someone’s best friends on Snapchat or whose pictures they liked on Instagram. You just had fun and tried to be happy with the other person instead of getting likes on a new picture.” LeCuru continued by saying, “It is like people are cheering for your relationships to fail these days because it would be better drama for their social media. High school relationships are hard, but in this era, they are even harder than they already were.”


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