Daylight Savings Time is a Foe of many Helias students By Matt Backes

Early every fall at the end of October, millions of concerned citizens worry about setting their clocks back one hour before the next morning.

“I’m always worried that I’ll forget to set my clock back,” said Ashley Dudenhoeffer. “I know my phone updates automatically, but I always forget to change the time in my car, which is super confusing.”

However, there is a certain group of students at Helias, namely the winter student athletes, that dread daylight savings time for a different reason.

“I just hate how early it gets dark,” said Nick Gaines. “We get out of wrestling practice at 5:30, and it’s already pitch black outside.”

While the sun does rise earlier in the morning after daylight savings, many students believe the negative effects outweigh that positive.

“I mean, the sun does rise earlier and that’s kinda good,” said Nick Carr. “But it’s kinda depressing to always come out of school at dark.”

Overall, student athletes at Helias don’t enjoy the early sunset that comes at the end of daylight savings time.

“It’s probably the worst part of the wrestling season,” said Andrew Bennett. “It really does put a dark cloud over the rest of the day.”


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