Autumn fashion trends Helias is Falling for  by McKenzy Schumer

Trends are constantly changing. Helias may have a required uniform but, that doesn’t stop the female students from keeping up with the latest fashion trends this fall…in the evenings and on the weekends.

“Fall is my favorite season because of the fashion,” said junior Mia Millard.

This fall, according to various fashion websites such as “Elle”, “Seventeen”, and “Glamour,” fall fashion trends are lightwashed distressed jeans, hats, cropped knit sweaters, lots of accessories, and boots.

“Boots are definitely my favorite fall fashion piece, said Maddie Scott. “I love putting on boots, jeans, sweater, and all things fall.”

Many Helias students had said that their number one favorite fall fashion trend was boots. Boots are seen worn by the principal of Helias to the students at football games to the working professionals around Jefferson City. 

“Fall fashion is the best, said Emily Reeves. “It’s the perfect weather so we’re not as limited to what we can and can’t wear according to it being ‘too hot to wear this’ or ‘too cold to where that.’ We can have a lot of fun playing with our looks and expressing our style.”


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