Where Helias Catholic Students’ Money goes  by Kaden Quinn

Many high school students work for their spending money while others receive allowance from their parents. No matter where the cash comes from, often it quickly finds its way into the economy. Which poses the question, “Where does the money go?”

62 percent of the Helias Catholic High School students interviewed spend their money at local restaurants. The remaining students, 40 percent, spend their money on clothing or music. There was also a substantial amount of students that save portions of their money to use in the future for things like college or purchasing a car.

Fast food restaurants are a popular choice due to the availability and low cost to students.

“If I’m going to spend money, I might as well spend it on something I enjoy,” said junior Hannah Dallmeyer.

When asked what kind of food in particular, she stated, “Mainly ice cream.” Central Dairy is a major hotspot for local high school students to spend their money on while socializing and enjoying a popular snack.

Clothing and music was a close second to food purchases. Sophomore, Kara Dudenhoeffer ranked clothing as her number one purchase. She makes her money go a long way by thrift-store shopping, while senior, Elliot Knernschield goes the tech route by purchasing music through ITunes.

Whether students’ money goes to food, clothing, music or other purchases, high school students and their money help the American economy by supporting both local and national businesses.


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