Senior with an Unusual Vehicle   By Dane Borovicka

Dunville, a name that most people would think of as a dentist in Jefferson City, Missouri. While this Dunville, is Dr. Dunville’s son, Mathias Dunville, he does not practice dentistry. Instead, like his dad, he rides a motorcycle.
“I’ve always shared an interest with my dad about bikes,” said Matthias Dunville, “but a year ago, I never would have thought I would have my own.” 

Matthias was surprised when his father took him to Larry’s Motorcycles to get a brand new bike. He and his father purchased a brand new 2015 Yamaha R3.

“The bike of my dreams has always been a Yamaha R6,” said Matthias. “The R3 is perfect for me though, I can control it so much better than I would be able to on the R6.”

Matthias enjoys riding down windy roads such as Route C in his free time. He always makes sure to wear his safety gear and to go the speed limit. Otherwise, his mother will take his biking privileges from him. 

“Riding is a hobby that I wish more people would pick up,” said Matthias. “Not only can you customize your bike, but riding with friends is by far better than riding alone.”


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