Helias Catholic students’ strange fears exposed By Kaylie LeCuru

One of many things that people don’t talk about would be their biggest fears. Many people do not admit that they are scared of anything, but some Helias students recently divulged some of their biggest fears.

“My biggest fear has got to be failing,” said Leighton Frank. “And, I don’t mean like on a test exactly, but failing in general. I just had a baby so failing is an even bigger fear of mine now, because I have someone relying on me to succeed. Failing is terrifying to me.”

Other Helias students decided to open up and tell their deepest fears, which to some may seem like funny things to fear, but to others, they are very threatening.

“Butterflies are probably the scariest thing God ever created,” said Lauren Morrow. “Ever since I was little, the only thing I have ever been afraid of is butterflies. I know it is weird, but if you ever look at one up close you might understand.”

No matter what the fear was, each Helias student interviewed acted as if their own personal fear was greater than anyone else’s.

“Being chased by someone or something has got to be the scariest thing by far,” said Grace Dittmer, “Because I am slow.” “And if I am being chased, there is no way I will end up getting away.”

While some students’ fears are people and insects and failure, others’ fears are ideas and situations.

“Dying at a young age would be my biggest fear,” said Jordyn Nappier. “You don’t get to live your life like you wanted and just experience living. It just seems so scary to me to not live a full life.”

Many more fears were revealed by Helias students. Those fears were tornadoes, spiders, clowns, and the fear of disappointing others.


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