Scary Movies that Haunt Helias Catholic High School students By Mckenzy Schumer

Horror movies are popular in American culture today. It turns out that horror genre is one of the most popular in movies, books, and television shows for teens and young adults.  According to, this year’s “Insidious: Chapter 3” made $1.55M on its opening night alone, the whole “Insidious” franchise has made $258.9M.

At Helias, the most-feared horror movies have been of the demonic variety, movies such as “Evil Dead”, the “Insidious” franchise, “The Exorcist”, “Woman in Black”, “The Gallows”, and “The Conjuring”.

“I think I cried watching ‘The Gallows,’” said junior Molly Farnam.

Another genre of horror movies that has Helias students awake at night are the demonic doll based movies such as “Dead Silence”, “Annabelle”, and the “Chucky” series.

“Chucky made me want to throw out all of my dolls as a kid,” said Maddie Scott. “It definitely freaked me out.”

Other movies that have scared the Helias student body and staff are movies like “When a Stranger Calls”, “Lovely Bones”, and “Strangers”, all of which have a villain that is human.

Some new horror movies coming out in the future are “Crimson Peak” coming out October 16, “Paranormal Activity” ‘The Ghost Dimension’ out October 23, “Victor Frankenstein” November 25, “Krampus” out December 4, “The Forest” out January 8, “The Boy” out January 22, “Viral” coming out February 19, “The Witch” out  February 26, “Amityville: The Awakening” April 15, “Green Room” April 15, “Friday the 13th” May 13th, and “The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist” coming out June 10.

Young adults and teens have fallen in love with the excitement and thrill horror movies instill in their minds. And, horror movie junkies have become addicted to witnessing horrific and scary stories but are relieved to be able to walk out of the theater whole, all appendages intact.


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