The Helias Catholic Journalism Club is “jerding out” with their new broadcast journalism show By Brooke Winge

For Helias Catholic students who haven’t been keeping up their school news, or whom find it hard to find time to read the school newspaper or follow up on the online Twitter account, “The Crusader Raid,” the Helias Journalism Club and class have been creating print and broadcast journalism weekly, and capturing many different action videos, photo and video collages, and mobile/computer app productions, to go along with those articles and newscasts, so all Helias students can find the news diversified, informative and consistent.  

“Jerding out” is a phrase that Mr. Martin says means “journalism nerding out”. The class and club have been following Mr. Martin’s lead, and “jerding out” by working with broadcast and print journalism weekly, and creating media productions that are new and diversified.

As Helias’s new school year began this August, the journalism club started to put out a weekly news broadcast show called “The Friday Update.” The news broadcast show informs students about upcoming sports events, religious news, academic news, and provides special reports about the education going on in, or around, the classrooms of Helias Catholic. The news broadcast show is filmed weekly, published on YouTube, and tweeted out on Twitter every Friday from the Twitter handle @CrusaderRaid.

Some students are preferring broadcast news over traditional news media, like print journalism.

“I personally would rather get broadcast news over getting news from articles on the Web or from a newspaper,” commented senior Christian Dusenberg, a student in the journalism class. “It allows you to get your news a lot quicker.”

The news broadcast show enables students to practice several different jobs of journalism. The students get to experience the reality of being a live news anchor, to film a news show, to edit videos, to control video cameras to capture news, and to write scripts.

“My favorite favorite part of the news broadcast show is having fun with my classmates and getting out good journalism,” stated senior broadcast anchor Dane Borovicka.


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