Under the Crown of the 2015 Homecoming Queen Luci Francka        By Casey Linsenbardt

After two weeks of anxious senior girls questioning who would be crowned queen, senior Luci Francka was officially named the new Helias Catholic Homecoming Queen on Friday, September 17th during the Queen Assembly in the field. The final ballots tallied the week before by the Helias secretaries, revealing the new Homecoming Queen as Luci Francka.  
“My first reaction was just an overwhelming feeling of happiness and awe,” said Francka. “I couldn’t believe it. All those girls were very deserving of winning.”

Francka is the daughter of Brian and Cathy Francka. She has one older sister, Baylee. She also has a younger sister Josie and one brother J.T. The family is very involved in the community. 

“My parents were at a loss for words”, said Luci Francka. “They were unable to come up with just one word of how they felt.”

Luci is involved in golf and basketball at Helias. Her friends, teammates, and coaches have been very supportive of her as she has had to juggle the responsibilities of homecoming queen with the requirements of a varsity golfer.

“My friends were very supportive of me and could not have been any more supportive,” said Francka.The other nine ladies are some of my best friends and getting to share this experience with them was amazing!”

Luci’s older sister, Baylee Francka was crowned queen in 2013. Luci continued the family tradition for the 2015 year. Luci was officially crowned Homecoming Queen at Helias on Sunday night September 27.  

“Baylee was extremely happy and proud of me for this, and throughout my whole life, said Luci Francka.I am very thankful we are able to share this opportunity together.”

Francka would like to tell the Helias community something for all the support she’s had. 

“I would just like to thank all of the students who have been some of my best friends throughout the years and of whom I will never forget,” said Francka. “The teachers, you all are amazing and have taught me a lot about myself both in and out of the classroom. I’d like to also thank Helias for providing me with this amazing place to go to school. This year more than ever I have realized that God has blessed me in so many ways and I am so thankful for all of these blessings; and, Helias and the people associated with Helias are definitely one of these.”


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